to our clients, colleagues, friends

Thanks to the many clients, colleagues, and friends of Venture Allies. For the past decade, Venture Allies has served Central Minnesota as an independent management consulting firm.

On July 1, 2012, the Venture Allies team was fully consolidated with the Granite Equity team. The combined people and tools of both firms make it a stronger resource overall, and the group is better positioned to maintain its commitment to the local community and to strengthen and create value for area businesses and organizations.

Venture Allies has been a strategic operating partner with Granite Equity since the firm’s inception in 2002. In that role, Venture Allies has provided office management, due diligence, accounting, strategic planning and board governance services to Granite Equity and its growing number of portfolio companies.

As a Partner in Granite Equity, Shelly Bauerly Kopel will lead Granite Governance, one of the firm’s four strategic activities. As the new Granite Governance team, the former Venture Allies team of consultants will be available to Granite Equity’s portfolio companies and will also continue to offer management consulting services to broader community partners as the consulting arm of Granite Equity.

At a high level, Granite Governance addresses the strategic operations for Granite Equity, including:

  • Planning, development, and education for Boards of Directors
  • Leadership training and development
  • Strategic planning and scorecard development
  • Resource Planning and portfolio synergy development

Within Granite Equity, the team will continue to help determined entrepreneurs and innovative managers build valuable enterprises.

Please visit Granite Equity’s website, GraniteEquity.com.



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